About M-Pressive Entertainment

M-Pressive Entertainment is truly a professional DJ organization. We employ some of the best DJs in the Midwest area. Not DJs that simply just select a song & push "PLAY" (unless that's what your event specifically requires). But DJs that actually know how to mix, cut & scratch, select & program the music that you need & want for any given point in time at your event to keep you & your guests happy & entertained.

Our staff of professional DJs individually have many years of experience under their belts, including airtime on some of St. Louis' hottest radio stations. We also feature members of some of the country's biggest DJ coalitions, including Core DJs & Nelly's own Derrty DJs.

It is safe to say that by choosing a DJ from M-Pressive Entertainment, your bar/nightclub or special event will definitely turn out to be a successful one that will have people talking long after it's over. So don't make your event just "any" event.... make it an M-Pressive one.